Hi pipol from Spain.

Just a pair of questions about a PERL CGI for WAP:

I have a CGI that show me the From and Subject of a POP3 mail. Like this:

1.- From = Mike (mike@int.com)
| | SUbject = hi
Dowload Mail 1

2.- ....

3.- ....

I made Dowload Mail like this:

print "<anchor title="Leer">Leer Mail $i<go href="$SELEC"></go>";
print "</anchor><br/>n";

where $SELEC = "http://echelon.evg.uc.es/~santana/POPDSE1.cgi?host=$(host)&amp;user=$(user)&amp;password=$(password)&amp;num=$(i)";

Do you see something stranger ??

Thanks everybody a lot