I am working on viewing an HP-UX system logfile which I am splitting the time stamps and the details in the log. I am also searching for keywords. Example, "be sure" would make an HTML <TR>turn yellow while containing the contents of the message, and the word "failed" would make that table row turn red. I have that part working, however, I can't seem to break away from the

foreach $line (@taillogs);

Basically, it works fine but when I grep for a keyword it gives me the entire entry which I want, however, every sentence it creates a new row. I have been trying to capture the value of the timestamp so that when it see's a newline in @taillogs, it will compare and see if the value is the same as the last line, however, I have had no success. I have been on that one all day. Anyone have any ideas I would greatly appreciate it.