I've had a ton of help from this forum without a single newbie criticism - and I'm hoping you can help me with this as well:

I'm having a problem with Netscape and its security checks. I need to be able to move from a secure form to an unsecure form without getting the popup error from Netscape. Everything works fine in IE. Here's the scenario (sorry it's so long):

The visitor enters a payment screen with his/her CC information. It is passed to a secure server to process (CC Processor). It returns to the same script, does some final processing, then control is passed to a form where a username and password is selected. Since I was getting the security (warning) error on that pass of control - I made the username/password form secure as well. A confirmation page is displayed, with buttons available for the next action.
From this confirmation page, the visitor selects a button to start a course - which opens up in a NEW WINDOW. They proceed through the course. When the final course results page LOADS - I am resetting the opener window to their Control Panel that will display the most current information for the visitor - showing the course they just completed. (So when they close the course window, the Control Panel is what they will see - not the original confirmation page - since the opener window has been reset). The control panel, however, is NOT a secure form - and doesn't need to be. Netscape is interrupting this pass to the Control Panel with a security warning message - which causes the form with the security error to get the focus. They can respond affirmatively and get the Control Panel - but they are no longer on the course results window, and it remains open.

I need to be able to pass from a secure to an unsecure form AT SOME POINT - without getting this message (which does NOT appear in IE). If I change the Control panel to a secure form - then I won't get the message, but if they move from the Control Panel to any other location - we're back to the security warning message again. HELP!

Any suggestions?