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    Question Validating a TACACS+ username/password?

    My perl script accesses several devices through an SSH connection. The connection is verified by a Cisco ACS server using TACACS+. After three failed attempts by a user to connect via SSH the users account is locked out.

    I need to verify the users credentials against the TACACS server and warn the user if it fails, before my script starts accessing our devices.

    I'm trying to use the Authen::TacacsPlus module, but every attempt to validate results in an "Authentication Failed" error message.

    What I have verified:
    - I can manually SSH to one of our devices and authenticate properly.
    - The username/password combination is good. It's my own and I can connect to our devices.
    - The key matches the one found on our devices.
    - The server IP matches the one found on our devices.
    - The server running the perl script exists on the Cisco ACS server so the script should be allowed to authenticate via TACACS+.

    Below is the code I'm testing with... username/password changed of course. I'm running this via a web browser, as it's how my script will be working.

    use CGI::Carp qw( fatalsToBrowser );
    use Authen::TacacsPlus;
    $command= $];
    $title = "Perl Version";
    print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
    print "<html><head><title>$title</title></head><body>";
    print "<h1>$title</h1>\n";
    print "Perl version : ".$command;
    print "<br/>\n";
    my $user='username';
    my $password='userpass';
    my $tac = new Authen::TacacsPlus(Host=>'', Key=>'us3r@@cc3ss');
    my $result = $tac->authen( "$user", "$pass" );
    print "Msg: " . Authen::TacacsPlus::errmsg() . " <br/>\n";
    print "Result: $result <br/>\n";
    print "</body></html>";
    The result always looks like this:

    Perl Version

    Perl version : 5.008008
    Msg: Authentication failed
    Result: 0
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    You sure there's no dependencies for Authen::TacacsPlus you might be missing?
    What's the 'Key' field for, that's not a seed for a crypt function or similar, that would need to be the same on both sides?

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