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    Hello im new to programming i need help

    what i am trying to do is to compare a set of coordinates from one file to another set of coordinates from many different files. i am having trouble doing this please can some 1 help me here is what i have done so far which compares 2 sets. i want to be able to change the first part to cycle through all files i have in a directory.

    #!/usr/bin/perl -w

    #$dir = "/net/klab2/u2/home/fmohammad/GFP2/run1";

    #opendir (DIR, $dir) or die $!;
    #@one = readdir (DIR);

    #foreach $file (@one)

    $initialfile2 = "UM_802_R203E112_1GFL_clean_gfp_5.pdb";

    open FILETWO, "$initialfile2" or die "cannot open $initialfile2 for read\n";
    while ($line2 = <FILETWO>)
    chomp $line2;

    @one=split(/\s+/, $line2);

    if ($one[0]=~m/^HETATM/)
    if ($one[2]eq "C4")

    if ($one[2]eq "C1")

    if ($one[2]eq "C13")
    close FILETWO;

    $initialfile = "1GFL.pdb";
    open FILEONE, "$initialfile" or die "cannot open $initialfile for read\n";
    while ($line = <FILEONE>)
    chomp $line;

    @two=split(/\s+/, $line);

    if ($two[0]=~m/^ATOM/)
    if ($two[1]eq "479")

    if ($two[1]eq "484")

    if ($two[1]eq "496")
    close FILEONE;

    $part1 = ((($xC1 - $xS)**2) + (($yC1 - $yS)**2) + (($zC1 - $zS)**2));
    $part2 = ((($xC4 - $xY)**2) + (($yC4 - $yY)**2) + (($zC4 - $zY)**2));
    $part3 = ((($xC13 - $xG)**2) + (($yC13 - $yG)**2) + (($zC13 - $zG)**2));
    $sum = $part1 + $part2 + $part3;
    $sum1 = $sum / 3;
    $rmsd = sqrt ($sum1);
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    Unless I missed something, what you have commented out at the top of your program should happily iterate over each file in the directory, which I assume is what you want to do. Please tell us where you think you have a problem.

    The only thing you might want to add is to discard entries starting with a dot or, better, to test with the -f file test operator that the entry you will use next is a plain file (not a directory or something else).

    Also take a look at the glob function, which can make your iteration simpler, because it returns a list of files with their path (which readdir gives you only the filenames).
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