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    Help me plz

    hi, i'm new in perl and actually i should say i don't know any thing about it! recently i install active state and perl interpreter, i just know how to run a perl program but no more, my main problem is: i should use an eveluation toolkit name ROUGE that is a perl program i really need to install and use it for my project but for installing it i have problem. the 3 first step of instllation are:

    (1) You need to have DB_File installed.
    (2) You also need to install XML:OM
    You might need install extra Perl modules that are required by
    XML:: DOM.
    (3) Setup an environment variable ROUGE_EVAL_HOME that points to the
    "data" subdirectory. For example, if your "data" subdirectory
    located at "/usr/local/ROUGE-1.5.4/data" then you can setup
    the ROUGE_EVAL_HOME as follows:
    (a) Using csh or tcsh:
    $command_prompt>setenv ROUGE_EVAL_HOME /usr/local/ROUGE-1.5.4/data
    (b) Using bash
    $command_prompt>export ROUGE_EVAL_HOME

    i want to know how i can install db_files? and how i can install xml:: Dom.tar.gz? and for step 3 what should i do?

    plz my friends can anybody help me?, i really need to find answers and i havn't much time for it, really need your help
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    What I would do, and I believe ActiveState Perl supports it, is run the CPAN script. The first time you ever time it, it prompts for lots of things, most of which you'll just accept the default, but some you need to make decisions, like which websites sound closer to me to update from.

    You only need to do that one time, so bear with it. When you regularly run CPAN, you get a prompt that looks like


    You can just type "install XML:OM" and it should install that package and all it's dependencies for you.

    On the other hand, if you don't have a C compiler and other development tools installed, it means you can only install pre-compiled perl modules, and there you've lost me.

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