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    Could someone convert this exe back to perl.

    Are there programs available to convert exe files back to perl codes or any other readable and editable programs? Except for hexadecimal editors of course. Thanks..
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    Moved this post into its own thread.

    As for your question, it depends on which program you use to convert the perl to exe. PAR, PerlApp and perl2exe keep a copy of the source code in the exe and it is possible to extract the sources from the exe file.
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    I should add that, if a copy of the source were not kept, it would be almost impossible, or, the resulting code would be basically unreadable.

    Even decompiling a program written in a much lower level language like C is almost impossible. (That is, it is technically possible to approximate this goal, but the result is impossible to read.)

    I do not know if this is still the case, but for a long period, some of the commercial variants of the Unix operating system were distributed as a C code that people had to compile on their system. But the C code was scrambled and obfuscated before it was shipped to customers (replacing meaningful variable names by numbered variables, removing spaces and indentations, and so on and so forth), and it was deemed to be practically impossible to reverse engineer that scrambled C code to something meaningful. If this is difficult, translating assembly code back to C is even more complicated, and translating assembly code to Perl even more so.

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