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    Unsure On Join And Map

    I'm not a perl programmer.

    I've got some code that comes from a perl file that I don't have. I was wondering if anyone could either explain what it does or provide an equivalent example in a different language (preferably in c or python).

    sub ASCIItoUnicode{
        return join('', map {($_, "\0")} split(//, $_[0]));
    ... This isn't homework in any way, shape or form.
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    I would write that code as:

    use Encode;
    sub ASCIItoUnicode {
        my $text = shift;
        return Encode::encode( 'UTF-16le', $text );
    Which is easier to read, lets you use "perldoc Encode" to find out what it's doing, and won't choke if the input isn't actually ASCII.
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    It is splitting the input (the first argument passed to the subroutine) into individual characters, adding a '0' value byte after each character and concatenates the result back into a string, the aim being to transform ASCII (or possibly UTF-8) input (one byte per character) into UTF-16 (two bytes per character).

    As said by OmegaZero, it is probably better to use existing Unicode modules such as Encode to do this.
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    Read and analyze the statement from right to left. The result of each function is fed as input to the function on its left.

    More detailed explanation of what each of the functions do can be found here:
    perldoc -f split
    perldoc -f map
    perldoc -f join
    perldoc -f return

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