Hi there. I've just installed CS3 on my new Windows 7 computer. With all the same color settings as before, it worked fine in Windows XP, but now, when I save an image as a jpeg, everything is tinted blue. Yellows are more brown/gray, blues more saturated, et cetera. This happens whether I Save or Save For Web.

Example image: i30 . photobucket . com/albums/c327/superslim/photoshopproblem.jpg

I've tried calibrating my monitor, and changing my color settings and image modes in Photoshop, but absolutely nothing works. On the working canvas, color will be right, and in every other program on my computer, the color will be right, but the color is always blue-tinted when I save files.

Does anybody have any ideas on how to fix this?

EDIT: Never mind. I got frustrated and rage!uninstalled Photoshop. It works fine now that I've reinstalled it.