Ok, so I want to edit a video I have, and put a different face on someone dancing (I know that sounds weird, it's as a joke for a friend) I know how to get the video into photoshop as a .gif, but once I'm there, and have the layers and frames set up, I keep messing up. What I've been doing is clicking on frame/layer 1, posting the new face and positing it to look real. Then I click frame/layer 2 and do the same. However, when I do this, it not only posts it in just the 2nd frame, but also the 1st. this is a problem since every new frame I have to reposition the face, so I end up having 2 faces scattered across the pic in frame 1. Then when I post a new face in frame 3, it shows up for 1 and 2 as well. I don't know if this helps explain why, but whenever I paste the face, it creates a new layer. I was trying to find out a way to paste it right into the existing layers but that's not working. Anyone know how to fix this?