I have been designing some recipe cards for myself to print and did some research on sizes but came across some issues.

On an 8.5x11 paper I know that I can fit 2 - 4x6 cards or 4 3x5 cards - which I want printed at 300dpi so they can go to the printer and be really nice.

I have been seeing people selling recipe cards that are 3- 4x6 cards on an 8.5x11 at 300dpi.. but in my head and in photoshop the math does not add up.

Now I am wondering if maybe I should be pulling these into InDesign and working from there, I am still new to InDesign and have only taken a quick class over 2 years ago and have never had to use it.

But with all the my wedding invites and goodies I am having to teach myself and that is fine. This recipe card sizing is bugging me.