I am having some issues with the lasso and free transform tool.
I like to work in windowed mode, With the main canvas in part of the screen and another file holding my color palette peeking out of the corner so I can sample from it easily.

The issue strikes whenever I want to re-size something. I will select the lasso tool, click and drag. However, once I click, the canvas vanishes. The window for my main canvas is still there, but the shadowed backdrop section that would be the "paper" I am working on disappears from sight, and does so for as long as I am holding my mouse button.

This issue returns when I choose to free transform. While I am in free transform mode, the canvas vanishes until I leave free transform mode.

Is anyone else having this issue, or hopefully know of a way to fix it?

I recently re-installed Photoshop CS5.1. This is the first attempt I have made to do any work since i re-installed it. Before I came here i attempted to google the issue, but only came up with tutorials various how-to guides on using these tools, and not issues people are having with them.

Thank you very much for your help.