Hello !

Let me introduce myself : I am Dekanh, an amateur artist who draws a lot.
I've always used Photoshop CS6 to draw, but while trying a new software recently, I realized that my pen pressure in PS is.. well.. really really bad.

I don't really know how to describe the problem, but any line will not be "smooth". It will end with a kind of dot.
Here's the problem in picture :

As you can see, my lines on PS are really awful, but are perfect on the other software, Paint tool SAI. It ONLY happens in PS.
This is a real problem while drawing, and I can't get used of any other software, I'm too used to PS.

- Reinstall PS
- Reinstall new tablet driver and change each setting
- Change each setting about pressure in PS as well

I even tried to install a CS5 time limited version, and the problem is still there.

I have a Wacom Intuos Pen&Touch M tablet, I tried to contact Wacom support but they couldn't help me.

Also, some of my friends are also experiencing this problem, and I've seen people experiencing it too on the internet (but they seemed to not be aware of it) and couldn't find a solution on google.

I hope someone has a solution to this problem, it would help me so much.

Thanks in advance,