First, I have googled this problem for 2 hours without finding a solution.

I am getting the message while trying to use the "magical wand tool".

"Warning, no pixels are more than 50% selected".

What I did when the warning started to appear was that I used the magic wand tool to adjust some brightness and contrast on some details of a clothing photo. I have done this thousands of times and now suddenly I get that error message all the time.

My "feather" have been set to 0 all the time - so I can not solve the problem by the guides advising to set to feather to 0 as its already set to 0.


In all the guides it is stated that the selection is still there when I get this message, but its just not visible. That is not correct in my case, as nothing changes to the photo whatever I do after getting the error.

Why did this message start to appear randomly after doing the same thing 1000+ without getting this error? As I have not changed any settings I do not understand the problem.

To be honest I am a complete noob, and have no idea what to do.

How can I get rid of this warning for good and be able to use the "magical wand tool" again?

Thanks in advance for any advise!