Hello devshed community,

I have an issue that I cannot seem to figure out.

I am creating a design for a client and don't know the best way to go about this, it seems to be more mathematical then design oriented.

I've got an exterior circle, 9.6cm diameter with a group of circles, 1.3cm in diameter that need to be laid inside the exterior circle. The bleed of the exterior circle is .5cm, therefore I've got 9.1cm to work with to fit the interior circles.

Is there a way to ensure that all of the interior circles are evenly spaced? If photoshop isn't the right program, is there a way to do this in illustrator or another design programs. This seems to be more of a mathematical issue. I want to be able to enter the values in and have a program spit it out (if possible).

Please help, I'm at wit's end on this!! Thanks!