Today, we have another Vector tutorial. If you want to learn how to create a complex object with exacting details, then we have an awesome tutorial for you. Learn how to use multiple advanced Illustrator and art techniques to make this creative work.


Tutorial Details

* Program: Adobe Illustrator CS5
* Difficulty: Advanced
* Estimated Completion Time: 8 Hours
* View This Tutorials: VideoCreative . org / ?p=1048

Final Product What You’ll Be Creating

This Tutorial is Filled with Professional, Creative Instructions

In this project we will learn how to create a complex vector image step by step and study a lot of techniques, such as the Gradient Mesh, Dynamic Blend, Clipping Mask, Dynamic Art Brushes, Blend Art Brushes, etc. The basic principle of the creation of complex objects is the division of work into simple steps, which we cover here with detail.