I have a lame task to do frequently, where I take posters I've modified using Photoshop and print them to a huge oversized paper printer to create posters (a HP Designjet 800PS 42).

With previous versions of Photoshop, I could go to Print with Preview and then, if I had a default printer of regular size and changed to the HP Designjet, it would resize my view, so I could see what the print job would look like prior to printing in case I made a mistake.

But with version 9.0, I don't get a chance to re-preview my printjob after selecting a different printer, because there's no way to go back to the initial printjob pop-up. I basically have to print huge posters and only find out the mistakes when they screw up on a 3' tall poster job. This wastes tons of paper, ink, money, and hair follicles (because I'm yanking them out by the roots in the throes of my misery).

Here's the best procedure I've come up with on Photoshop, but I can't figure out how to get out of the loop and give my docs a final review before printing. Please tell me where I'm going wrong! I normally:

1. Open my document in Photoshop.
2. Click "Print with Preview," see the that there's a default smaller printer (and so only a fraction of my print job displays in the view screen).
3. Click "Print"
4. I get the "The image is larger than the paper's printable area; some clipping will occur." message.
5. I click "Proceed."
6. I get to the window where I can change my printer, and select the ginormous HP Designjet behemoth.
7. I click "Properties" to edit that printjob.
8. From here, I select "Custom" under Paper Options.
9. I select the inches for width and height and click OK.
10. Okay, at this point I've selected my proper printer, selected the size of the paper, but I can't see what it looks like. I can click "OK" to print, or "Cancel" to not print, but if I do the latter and try starting over with Print with Preview, all my changes are lost and I'm back to step 2. Is there any way I can preview my printjob AFTER changing the printer and paper size but BEFORE printing a job?