Hi all,

I have a sprite sheet of super-hi-res icons (I'd post an image, but apparently new accounts aren't allowed to). It's a single column of 18 icons. I have them sliced into individual icons so I can export them all separately.

My PSD is 1275 x 22950 px (each icon is 1275 x 1275). The idea was to make a huge version that I could downsize as needed to export icon sets for different resolutions. The problem is that the "save for web and devices" dialog will only let me save if I downscale the image to 455x8190 px. My mind is blown; I totally don't get why it's doing this. Here's what I've tried:

- scaling the image to 512x9216 px. No change to the save dialog; it still tells me I have to scale down to 455x8190.

- slicing with different methods - 1) dividing the entire image into 18 equal parts and 2) using layer-based slices. No change.

- increasing the canvas size to give the icons extra padding. THIS WORKED, i.e., the save dialog didn't force me to scale down, but I have no idea why and it's inconvenient -- I want the width of the psd to be the width of an icon so I can quickly get these things cranked out.

Any ideas?