Hey Guys/Gals...

I'm doing a 24" by 48" vinyl banner with an automotive theme for a friend. There's a bunch of text on the LHS, and on the right I want to insert a picture of his truck at the drags. I asked him to send me the best resolution shot and he sent me a RAW file which is 240dpi (thats good) but it actually only measures 900 X 600 or 3.75" X 2.50" when I open it from Camera RAW v.5.0 and the size I need is more like 18" wide. I realize RAW is more about color depth than resolution... but I was hoping that it would blow up better than what I'm seeing right now.

So on my mac, using Photoshop CS4... is there any method to enlarge this picture to the 18" width where I won't see a lot of distortion, pixilation, or artifacting?

Are external software products better suited to do this or will it be no better than simply re-specing the image to 18" wide and using one of the PS enlargement options? Hopefully I'm doing something wrong and somebody will explain the best way to process this image so I get a clean enlargement. My submission to the printer must be a 300dpi pdf.