Hey, I am very new to photoshop, and I am trying to make a GIF animation for a banner.

I have made my animation and it works as I want, however, when I click File, save for web, it comes up with:

' Could not complete this operation, An unknown error has occured'.

I have looked through various threads about the problem and tried many things such as deleting certain preferences, but still it doesnt work.

I then went on to try another much smaller animation, to see if it would work, and it worked.

I eventually made my animation, with one frame, saved for web, it worked, then added another frame, and kept doing this and it kept working, until I got to 6 frames.

It seems up to 5 frames, It will save for web without this unknown error, but 6+ frames I get the error.

Please can someone help me get around this?

I can provide screenshots, but it wouldnt let me on this topic, I am happy to add people on skype, my skype is:


I will provide any more infomation you need, but please note I am not very advanced with photoshop or computers, so go easy on me , thanks