I use photoshop for my business which requires different pictures to be printed daily. I add the the ammount of images I have daily and to make things somewhat streamlined I have one photoshop sheet (file) that has all my images in it. This page takes forever to load and makes it very time consuming having to go through and find the picture I need.

What I am wanting to do is save the images I have with the same dimensions they have but when I try to do this and then put the image onto excel to print the image gets much larger than what it was on photoshop.

Right now I made my image in photoshop to be a 8.5x11 and the images I need to print are in proportion with that page. The images I need on this page are about 2in by 5in. When I save just the image itself that is 2in x 5 in and put that same image into excel it turns into a 3.5x8 or something like that... I hope i am making sense...

I know how to add the images to clipart I just need to figure out how to save the images so they are not larger once I put them on an excel file