Hi All!

Looks like a great group to help us learn more about PS experience!

I am using PS Elements 12 for this project

Here's the situation I need to create a double image of the same file, cropped to a pseudo panoramic so I can get two up printing from this image. The photo is of a class reunion with 30 people in it and it has three rows with eleven people in front and nine people in the back row. I am aiming for a 20"x30" sized print with two of the same images on it. Now I'm aware that the final image will not fit edge to edge after cropping due to the size of the group but would like to see how close I can get to the 24" width with this image.

Is it possible to size up the image to fit the ratio for the large print with no distortions to the final image?

And I also need to get a two line text block centered precisely for this file and would appreciate the techniques to get this done.