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    If possible I would like some advise.

    In a previous topic I mentioned that I am new to webdevelopment. I was wondering if some of the experts could help me to find some good resources. This could be books or if possible websites on the internet that deal with the subject.

    I did not really know where to place this. My apoligies in case it is in the wrong section.

    For SQL I am looking for:
    • A good introduction. I know the basics like SELECT, UPDATE, etc. but I would like to find a resouce that discusses the SQL statements that are used most in programming with PHP and how and for what they are used.

    For PHP I am looking for:
    • Scripts to study that are sorted from novice to expert.
    • A list of terms I could run into and what they mean (like: pagination).

    For HTML I am looking for:
    • A offline tool to use like the tool from the W3C to see if you coded a page according to the rules of the doctype declaration.

    For SEO I am looking for:
    • What actually is important to be kept in mind developing a website. I am aware that original content is displayed higher than duplicated content. But what other things are important to be kept in mind (meta-tags, server configuration/location, etc.).

    I hope someone could give me some insight in this. It is pretty hard to to search for script using google as I have no idea if some of the scripts are coded correctly. With for example security kept in mind.
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    SQL: Read the MySQL manual. Start from chapter 1. It's how I learned.

    PHP: Stick to the forums, look at the answers that are provided. Sometimes it's very basic, other times it's very advanced. There's discussions on here about very deep memory management inside the language. As for terms, again stick to the forums and use wikipedia.

    HTML: I don't know of an offline validator, but HTML is a naturally sloppy language. It doesn't have to be perfect to work.

    SEO: Can't help you there.
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    Give this site a go if you want to practice very basic php skills.


    And of course, do not forget the manual:



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