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    I want to build a searchengine that shows results from more than one searchengine.
    So, it will show results from google, msn, etc. like does.
    I know I should use google api, etc.

    Another meta engine I want to build is it shows video search results from more than one video engine like youtube, vimeo, meta cafe.

    Ok, let us forget about building a meta engine to start with. Let us say, I just want to build a search feature on my site for you to search for videos on youtube. Don't ask me why anyone would search for youtube videos on my site rather than go over to youtube. Watch and wait and then you will see why once this is finished.
    But, I want to know one thing. If I use youtube api then all the videos that get presented on my website sent by youtube, when my users click the video links and view the videos, the videos would be served by youtube alright and so would youtube's bandwidth get spent here during the vid watches or mine ?
    Because, if my bandwidth would be spent then what is the use of using a youtube api on my website when I can just install a web proxy (http proxy like on my website and place youtube on the whitelesi and setup the proxy so only sites that are white-listed can be viewed.
    I mean, would this not be easier to do ? People will browse youtube via my proxy and my bandwidth would be spent just like my bandwidth would be spent had I done things via the youtube api.

    Let us say that you watch a 3 mins vid on youtube and it is 10MB. Youtube would spend 10MB to show you that vid. Right ?
    Now, let us say, I installed youtube api on my website and you came to my website and did a search and found that same vid (youtube api presented the vid to you via my website) and watched it. How much bandwidth would be spent ?
    I need an answer here and so don't forget to answer. This is important.

    Now, let us say, you used my web proxy to view that same vid. How much bandwidth would be spent ? I reckon 10MB.

    In short, my question boils down to this:
    Does the youtube api or would the youtube api eat-up the same bandwidth that it would cost me had I shown you the same vid via my web proxy or vpn instead ?
    My point is that, if the api saves bandwidth then best go with the api. Otherwise, best just run my own http or https or socks proxy or vpn and have users using these to watch youtube via my network so I can track and log their vid views.
    I am bandwidth concerned.

    I see that vps packs mostly offer 1-2TB of bandwidth. Some have downloading bandwidth restriction different to uploading bandwidth. Dedicated servers I see come with no bandwidth restrictions.
    Anywa, do comment on this. Give as much advice as you can.
    I need answers here too:
    Re: Questions on Web proxy Resources Like Vps or Dedicated Server

    Oh! Here is the killer ? ...
    Why I want to track what you are viewing on youtube ? So, that I can log the urls of the vids you view and publicize them on the public domain after monetizing those links.
    Now, when the public click those same links after finding them on your publicized browsing history then you will earn ppc income. So, out of 1 billion internet users, if 1 million now click and watch the same vid as you after trailing you there then providing your followers are from English speaking countries you are likely to earn $5k. That is why.
    And that is why you will allow me to log your video viewing habits. Because, you want to earn money. That is why.
    Good idea ?
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