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    Codeigniter bootstrap blog from Yotube


    Please advise:

    I have a Youtube channel with 130 videos.

    I thought I make a blog to generate organic traffic so I sell more of my products.

    So here is what I did so far:

    1. Made a simple CodeIgniter site with Bootstrap template.
    2. I added disqus for comments.

    Now I am inserting each YT link, title, and the description in the database.

    To make the links google friendly (not sure if it still matters), what is a good way to generate slug without having to insert each manually in DB?
    For example if the video title is "3 Simple Ways To Play Golf Better", I wanna make it something like:

    I assume thats SEO friendly?

    Also tips for making this work better fro SEO?

    Also, does Google pick on these items from db or am I just wasting time?

    Thank you
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    Take your title and replace any non [a-z0-9] characters with a - using preg_replace. Pretty simple to generate a slug automatically. If you have a form where you enter all this info then put the slug into a text field so you can change it manually if you desire.

    Also, does Google pick on these items from db or am I just wasting time?
    I don't know what you're asking there. If the pages are accessible google will index them.
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