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    Countdown conundrum - game - need pointers?

    Strictly not php, but I will be using php.

    game works like this:

    You ask for 6 numbers (2 big numbers from: 25, 50, 75, 100) ,and 4 small numbers (1-10) a random target is chosen which you have to reach using the numbers and + - / *.

    I am trying to emulate this via php.

    Now i tried to code like a human would like:
    target/big number. if no remainder.. done. if remainder, try to use other numbers to get that remainder..

    lots of if/elsif..

    Then i got fed up and i just use a script to pick between 1-6 numbers, random signs and then eval the numbers/signs to see the result. if result = target i stop looping.

    It works most of the time but it is pure trial and error.

    Is there a better way of approaching?

    Please note: i am not looking for solution but rather pointers to how i should approach this.
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    Brute force is the most obvious one, and it only turns out to be 737,280 possible combinations. If you have to use all of them. 946,680 if not.

    It's essentially a bunch of loops. Just be sure you don't reuse a number.

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