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    Developing a web based two player game in PHP

    I want to develop a simple game in PHP.Game is as follows, a server displays a image to the two players,two players have to type keyword corresponding to the image if the key word is same,they are given next image. What I am confused is how to develop the interface for this game.How do I display an image to two different players simultaneously and how do i keep track of their answers.Moreover how to implement two players ?
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    While it's possible it's not going to be an easy thing to do. From what I'm guessing about your request, you'd have to use a database to keep track of the players, who is logged in, who's playing games and which players are assigned to each game. Then you'll need some way to poll the server to see what the other games state is so this would involve JavaScript and AJAX. You'd need to continually check the games state to see what the game wants to do next, then you can wait for the other player, prompt the player to make their move/guess/etc.
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    I could simplify it a bit more, but the basic theory is the same. Database (or memcache) to keep track of which player belongs to which game, a current game state table, and then ajax pollers constantly waiting for the other player to make a move and advance the game state.
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