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    I'm trying to find some script (because I am a newbie to PHP/mySQL and writing all that advanced code myself is too confusing right now, but I'm learning slowly) that will help me maintain my picture gallery. I have 2 solutions and I need help with either one of these.
    1st case - I want to be able to create some sort of UPLOAD page from which users will submit pictures to one of 3-4 sections on the site, and then the script will store the filename, filetype(not the actual type of file like .jpg or something, but the defined type like FRONT or BACK picture), filesize, uploader's name/e-mail. Then if visitors want to browse all the files by the first letter in one of the sections they should get the alphabetically sorted list of filenames (with filesize and uploader's name). Also, if the files have underscores in the title I would like them to be striped off together with the extension in the listings, just to clear them up a bit.
    This should only accept JPG files and should be able to print some stats (the total # of pictures per section, newly added pictures with links, and top uploaders).

    2nd case - all of the above is stored in the mySQL database from a web interface (forms) by hand without uploading the pictures (they will be stored on another server), and each picture is assigned unique ID and is linked from the listings pages according to that ID (e.g: http://something.com/Section1View.php3?ID=45654 points to that entry in the database). Also, if it is possible, the actual URL of the picture (or the folder in which it is located on the remote server) should be predefined so it doesn't have to be entered every single time with each entry.

    I know it might sound like I'm asking too much, but I'm still trying to learn the basics of PHP and all this is just out of my reach right now, so if anyone can point me in the right directions here, like where to find similar code and examples of some functions I need, that would be very helpful.
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    Go to http://www.hotscripts.com/PHP/ and see what is there, its the biggest link repository of PHP apps that I know of and there is surely something there that will be helpful.
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    Yep, I found some Image Archive scripts, and I'm trying to edit them to suit my needs.
    Thanx for help...

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