Hello everyone!
We've been working for over a year now to create Antares - powerful boilerplate based on PHP/Laravel for our custom projects and licensed software. At some point we’ve came up to an idea to open source it as maybe there are more companies like ours doing such a stuff.

The code is already available on the GitHub and has the documentation of the PHP framework. You can now install it and try it out!


Our goal is to create an UX-oriented platform that will let you quickly create professional web applications that have fully responsive layout based on material design. Including built-in core features, fully modular architecture, predefined modules and dozen of UI Components (aka widget templates) you'll be able to easily design and implement your own projects lightning fast!

Current version is not perfect, mostly due to overloaded front-end built with jQuery and using a lot of JS modules, but we're soon going to change that by switching to Vue. There is still a lot of documentation to be made, but you can get the point where we're heading.

Our next steps are:

  • Switch to VUE and rebuild entire front-end engine with it
  • Fully separate front-end from back-end (remove twig/html templates completely)
  • Document all UI Elements (e.g. buttons) and UI Components (widget templates, e.g. datatables)
  • Document all Modules
  • Prepare "a clever" framework to build simple one-page dashboards

Once it's finished, we'd consider our platform as a stable v1.0, so we're not so far from our goal.

What do you think about our venture? Does it look promising to you? Would you consider using it for your own projects? I'd love to hear from you guys!