I have created own PHP HMVP (check Hierarchical MVC as reference) framework under GPL v3 license that makes full use of HMVP.

I was not trying to create something robust - I just wanted to be able to call internal / remote requests easily and keep max performance and optimizations possible - while allowing developers to use their favourite classes easily. So somebody might find it useful or interesting.

What I found hard to do is the documentation - its hard to find point between what is necessary and what is useless. I am not trying to target it for people who just started with PHP, but in same way I have created really simple examples that I think are not so hard to understand for beginners.

I guess user feedback is the best I can get to improve documentation - and answer some FAQ.

My project is located on github - github.com/triadphp/triad
And here are somewhat simple usages can be found under - github.com/triadphp/examples

What do you think?