First of all I believe this is a very tough issue, so thanks in advance to everyone who will try to help. I have a MySQL database that handles a quizzes high scores. Database has name of the quiz, score and name of the player. At the end of every quiz I would like to recommend the player other quizzes, based on what other players played. This is something similar to what Amazon does with books and videos. My aim, I think, should be to have a DISTINCT list of all players who played a particular quiz and then get a DISTINCT list of all quizzes played by those players. That way I could tell which quizzes played the players who played a particular quiz. I could then suggest the player who played that particular quiz what other quizzes he may like, based on general interests. The last list should also have a COUNT, so that I can tell the 3-4 most played quizzes without listing them all.
1) Is there a way to do this using a PHP file?
2) Is this the best way to suggest a player what other players who played the same quiz he played like?
Thanks again in advance for any help.