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    I have been reading through the posts here and found some great information, but for some reason cannot get this date function to print correctly.

    I have dates stored in MySQL in the YYYY-MM-DD format and I am placing them in a string $EventStartDate in my code. I am trying to print the string in a more attractive format. Instead of 2000-09-06 I would like Wed Sep 6th, 2000.

    I have found how to print the date in this format using date(), but when I use this on the string I get Weds Dec 31st, 1969. What am I doing wrong? (I know the dates are stioring correctly in the DB, I have checked that)

    Here is how I am doing it:
    //$EventStartDate is pulled from db

    $StartDate=date("D M jS, Y",$EventStartDate) ;
    print "<td>$StartDate</td>" ;
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    date() is a PHP function for formating a unix timestamp. It has nothing to do with mysql date/time datatypes. Look in the mysql manual under date_format() for the mysql function to format the date the way you want.
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    As an alternative you can put the UNIX-timestamp(returned by the function time() in PHP) in the database (not in a date-field but in a unsigned INT field) and then you can easily retreive the timestamp and use the date() function to format it.

    Good luck,

    Ramon Litjens
    Boradoli Web Design
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    See DBrown's post titled "Formatting a queried date datatype...how?" from Dec 31,1999 and rodk's response.

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