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    Knows somebody where i can download an pre-compiled gd.dll 4 windoofs (nice would be the version with gif support i guess is the 1.3???

    Would be nice if anybody could give me a hint
    or the dll 'cuz i don't know how to compile the gd libary package...

    Even a link to an tutorial would be enuff..

    Tx a lot
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    I sort of have the same problem. I've been looking for a php_gd.dll (for PHP 4.0 Beta 3 - Win32 Distribution) for some time now but without succes. I did find a zip-file with the source code (*.c etc.) and some instructions about how to build the library:

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana,Arial,Helvetica">quote:</font><HR>
    How do I build gd?

    In order to build gd, you must first unpack the archive you have
    downloaded. If you are not familiar with tar and gunzip (Unix) or ZIP
    (Windows), please consult with an experienced user of your system.
    Sorry, we cannot answer questions about basic Internet skills.

    Unpacking the archive will produce a directory called "gd-1.8.3".

    For Unix

    cd to the 1.8.3 directory. Edit the Makefile with your preferred text
    editor and make any necessary changes to the settings at the top,
    especially if you want Xpm or TrueType support. Next, type "make". If
    you are the system administrator, and you wish to make the gd library
    available to other programs, you may also wish to type "make install".

    If you get errors, edit the Makefile again, paying special attention
    to the INCLUDEDIRS and LIBDIRS settings.

    IN THE MAKEFILE. Some platforms may prefer that the libraries be
    listed in the opposite order.

    For Windows, Mac, Et Cetera

    Create a project using your favorite programming environment. Copy all
    of the gd files to the project directory. Add gd.c to your project.
    Add other source files as appropriate. Learning the basic skills of
    creating projects with your chosen C environment is up to you.

    You have now built both the gd library and a demonstration program
    which shows off the capabilities of gd. To see it in action, type

    gddemo should execute without incident, creating the file demoout.png.
    (Note there is also a file named demoin.png, which is provided in the
    package as part of the demonstration.)

    Display demoout.png in your PNG viewer. The image should be 128x128
    pixels and should contain an image of the space shuttle with quite a
    lot of graphical elements drawn on top of it.

    (If you are missing the demoin.png file, the other items should appear

    Look at demoin.png to see the original space shuttle image which was
    scaled and copied into the output image.


    Unfortunately I don't have any experience with C or compiling stuff so I wouldn't know which 'favorite programming environment' I could use (and how to use it) to build the library.

    I would be very happy if somebody could give me some tips (about a program or where I can find pre-compiled libraries).
    Also, I know some sites with dll's for windows, but does somebody know such a site for php-libraries? Someplace where one can download modules for php?


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    For those of you who have the same problem as I do I found some libraries at Unfortunately, not all the libraries I was looking for were there

    On the GD Homepage it's mentioned that gd also requires some other libraries: libpng and jpeg-6b or later. Or are those included in the compiled version of GD? It could be you need them to compile it I think?!

    Well, I hope this helps...


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