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    I got this piece of source of which I believe it's correct. Actually it even seems to work but not everytime I try. Normally it just hangs there sticking on the page on which you submitted your forum.

    My question right now is.
    a)Did I do somethingwrong?
    b)Is there a way to built like a sort of uploadstatusindicator?
    c)What could be the bottleneck of it not working? (Not my speed, cause I use a cablemodem which is pretty fast)


    if (copy($userfile, "covers/$userfile_name")) {

    $cover = covers."/".$userfile_name;
    mysql_connect (localhost, nightwork, *);

    mysql_select_db (nightwork);
    mysql_query ("INSERT INTO reviews (band, release, author, date, label, url_label, url_band, cover, format,
    rate, soundclip, sound_url, content, date) VALUES ('$band', '$release', '$author', '$date', '$label', '$url_label', '$url_band', '$cover', '$format',
    '$rate', '$soundclip', '$sound_url', '$content', '$date')

    mysql_connect (localhost, nightwork, *);
    mysql_select_db (nightwork);
    $result = mysql_query ("SELECT * FROM reviews
    WHERE (release = '$release' AND band = '$band')");

    $row = mysql_fetch_array($result);

    Header("Location: review.php3?rid=$row[0]'>");?>
    } else {
    echo "Error: failed to copy file...";
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    Ow, before I forget. Every time I hit submit the files is been uploaded without any problem...

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