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    Help me choose a language for a project

    So I've been coding in PHP for about 6 years, and Python for about one. I learned python because I signed on at a company as a web developer and they said I'd only need HTML/CSS/JavaScript but than all their tech ran on Python.

    But to be honest I'm a mediocre programmer who can code okay in alot of languages but cant code exceptionally in any.

    Tired of being well rounded, and I want some insight into what language would be best to "master". I have lots of free time, and I want to spend a few hours a day for all of 2014 trying to get really good at a single language. By building projects etc and reading books on it.

    I'm looking for the most salable, and worthwhile languages.

    Whats easiest to get a job with? What is the most versatile? What is the most powerful?

    I've been looking into PHP, Python or C# for this project of mine, but wanted some input from more experienced programmers.


    p.s. I am trying to get a job at a big tech company like Amazon, Google, or a gaming company like Blizzard. I am half a year away from completing MIS degree, I have a comp sci minor too.
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    I'm looking for the most salable, and worthwhile languages.
    You only need to master one of the languages well. Big salaries exists in most of them.

    PHP is widespread in web-sites and simple web-applications, while Java is used for web-applications too (I think Google+ is written in it), but its main niche is enterprise scale web-applications. C# is similar. Python is something between Java and PHP, though there are bit less positions you can find at once - it is all right to learn Python.

    Salary depends firstly on your skills and secondly on the language... except some ridiculous and archaic languages of course.

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