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    Ah, ok. Maybe I haven't gotten in the habit of such, because when I have variables within a line, I do something similar to:

    PHP Code:
    $var "Good afternoon, " $name " and welcome to our site!"
    Is that ok? Or is one way prefered over the other? And I do apologize again, newbie1234. for stepping in like this. :-/
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    Originally Posted by Triple_Nothing
    Is that ok?
    That's the general solution. Inserting variables directly into strings is limited to special cases which don't require escaping or allow you to escape the whole string at once.
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    Either way is fine, yes. If your variables require escaping, you can do it before the fact and use string interpolation, or do it inline using your method.

    It's actually faster to echo a series of strings and variables using COMMAS, rather than concatenation:

    PHP Code:
    echo 'Good afternoon, '$name' and welcome to our site!'
    Note that I changed your double-quotes to single (very slightly faster) and your periods to commas (very slightly faster).

    Edit: When I said echo, I mean it. Echo is the only place this syntax works. /EDIT

    Don't worry about stepping on newbie's toes, her homework was due yesterday, so if she still doesn't have it done she's going to have to deal with her professor, not us.
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