ok, again... i want to create a database server side script that will enable me to have players sign up, and post scores on songs on a game... i will need a database with multiple users, and multiple scores per song, (hard, crazy, freestyle, nightmare)
now using this code to create the database...

PHP Code:
CREATE TABLE `ignition_starts` (
i have created the database...
now i need users to be able to sign up... and i also need them to be able to update a page that would be

using this code for one of the songs, will this work?

PHP Code:
$hard $_POST['IS_hard'];
$crazy $_POST['IS_crazy'];
$freestyle $_POST['IS_crazy'];
$nightmare $_POST['IS_nightmare'];

$sql "INSERT INTO database_table (hard,crazy,freestyle,nightmare) 

Now you figure there are multiple songs, and multiple users... how would i take that into account, and how would i create a page that displays the scores for that user.


on a page like that.