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    Im very new to php and I havent gotten hold of the syntax yet.

    I wanted to make a function that will print "Good Morning" on the screen if the $hour string is less than 12, "Good Afternoon" if less than 18, and "Good Evening" if anything else..

    This is my code.


    $hour = date("h");

    if ($hour < 6)
    print "Good Early Morning";

    elseif ($hour < 12)
    print "Good Morning";

    elseif ($hour < 18)
    print "Good Afternoon";

    print "Good Evening";



    Does anyone know what Im doing wrong?
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    Hi Samuel,

    3 Suggestions:

    1) Get rid of that "endif". That will cause a parse error.

    2) Use a capital H in date(). Lowercase returns a value 1-12. You need 0-23.

    3) If this app will be running on the web, you should do this on the client side with JavaScript instead of on the server with PHP. If your server is in Toronto, but your user is in Damascus, this will show the wrong greeting anyway.

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    Thanks Chris, It would be pretty funny if it said Good Evening to someone in the Middle East or other places when its Morning for them.

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