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    if ($Submit) {

    if ($id) { mysql_query("UPDATE clients SET name='$name', email='$email', credits='$credits', upload='$upload',
    stats='$stats', max='$max', purchase='$purchase' WHERE (id='$id')") or die ("can't get query update!");}
    else { mysql_query("INSERT INTO clients (name, email, credits, upload, stats, max, purchase) VALUES ('$name', '$email', '$credits', '$upload', '$stats', '$max', '$purchase')") or die ("can't get query new !"); }

    Why the f*ck does this fail?

    an angry user
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    I'm not sure, but then again your code is dang near impossible to read ;-)

    Try it this way (you can read more about REPLACE in the mysql manual):

    if ($submit)
    if (!$id) $id='null';
    $query="replace into clients (id,name,email,credits,upload,stats,max,purchase) values ($id,'$name','$email','$credits','$upload','$stats','$max','$purchase')";
    mysql_query($query) or die ...;

    Are all those values strings? You shouldn't use quotes around numeric values you are inserting... i.e. if $max is numeric it should be written ,$max, not ,'$max',

    if you see what I'm saying. Important, don't put quotes around $id as it will either be numeric or 'null' so that it will create a new record and 'null' can't have quotes around it or mysql will interpret it to mean the string 'null' not the special value null.

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