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    Isit a better idea to keep "update photo" section seperate from "update details"?


    How is the best way to manage "member's profile" with photos?

    I personally think that it is a better idea to keep "manage photos" seperate from "edit profile" section.

    Code management gets easier and controllers get easier to manage.

    While from coding point of view it is a better, clients keep asking me to have them on the same page.

    Whats the right thing to do:

    1 - Convince clients to have seperate pages?
    2 - Find a way to manage code. If so please guide.
    3 - Whats the right approach anyways?

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    What does the GUI have to do with code management? Just because all the functionalities are on one page of the GUI doesn't mean you have to put all the underlying code into one script. There are things like functions and objects which were invented for this very purpose: to keep the logic outside of the main script.

    Of course the controller needs to provide the accessor methods for the photo stuff. But those methods have to do nothing but proxy the request to some external object or function.

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