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    Java EE developer asking a PHP skills road map to get hired in 2014

    Hi all- I'm sure this question or something related must have been asked, if that is the case and anybody kindly directs me to the link I will be eternally grateful.

    I have been a Java EE developer for 8+ years. I want to acquire skills so that I could get into PHP tech-space.

    I started and almost done with 'PHP and MySQL Web Development' by Welling & Thomson.

    I understand these days one must be programming for an MVC framework, is there a 'best'? what else should I need to acquire?

    I can 'naturally' do OO, DB, MVC, HTTP-request/response, etc.

    Any pointers in this regard will be really appreciated.
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    You don't HAVE TO be capable with a specific MVC, but it does help. My company uses Symfony and it's the least-terrible generally available MVC I've ever worked with.

    The best way to choose a path forward for yourself is with independent research. Go on Monster and search for PHP jobs. Note any specifically named technologies and compile a list. Continue adding to this list every couple days for a month or so. Then learn the top 1-3 things on the list. Those are the most sought-after skills in your current job market and locality at present.

    Off the top of my head, I'd learn proper JQuery techniques, web security (there's a number of stickies here on that topic), and then if you have time learn a top framework like Symfony, Zend, etc.
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