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    Get keyfield from one csv file and search for it in another csv file and output


    0|john smith|london|23
    1|david adams|bath|35
    2|sean white|liverpool|61



    I want to use php. The first number in both files is the key field. I want to open the first file, and go through all the keyfields one by one. If the keyfield in the first file matches the keyfield in the second file, then output the data from the same row in the second file.

    output will be :

    john uses a scooter, moped and aircraft sean walks, cycles and runs and david uses boat, car and train

    Thanks for your help on this, I'm losing sleep...!
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    fopen, fgetcsv, fclose

    First get everything in file2 into an array.
    PHP Code:
    $file2 = array();
    // for each $line, which is an array returned by fgetcsv(), in file2.csv {
    $key array_shift($line);
    $file2[$key] = $line;
    // } 
    Then you can use $file2[0] to get an array of everything "john smith" uses.

    After that, use another loop to read from file1. If the appropriate item isset() in $file2 then display it, otherwise do something else (eg, "doesn't use anything").

    Give that a shot. If you have trouble getting it to work, post your code here and describe the problem.

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  5. Sarcky
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    use fopen and fgetcsv to parse file2 first, into an array keyed by the first field. Close the file.

    Then use the same technique to loop through the first file, checking its first field against the keys in the array you made from file2. Output if necessary.

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