Hey guys, hoping someone might be able to help me find/choose a library to fit the needs of a project I'm working on.

I'm building a site for a some family friends who are refurbing a really nice flat which they intend to market as a holiday let. They want to take booking directly on the site, with payment through Paypal or similar. They need to be able to set prices for different time periods (i.e, more expensive during peak season), but besides that their requirements are basically what you'd expect.

I'm building in php with a MySQL database.

Can anyone suggest a preferably free or cheap bit of code that will perform these functions, and give me some neat little JS map for users to pick dates (or an easy interface for me to plug in a jQuery DatePicker or something). I have been building it myself and I should be able to create working code quite easily, but I feel like smarter people have probably already written more efficient code than mine and I may as well use it!

In my exploration I've found systems that provide too much functionality (i.e, multi-room systems for actual hotels) and ones that sound perfect but don't provide any sort of demo. If a product is pay to play my main problem is that I'd really like to see the code first just to get a feel for how it works, but few people provide neat code samples!

Thanks for any suggestions all
-- J