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    Lost here... Help, please

    My very first post at a programmer forum. EEK!
    I hope I'm in the right section. I don't know which is best -- php, cgi, pearl....
    PLEASE direct me to the right one.... Thank you!

    Interested in having two programs/scripts made, but I don't know programming and now just wondering if you think they are possible.

    Script one: Is it possible to have a Log of all links clicked on my site, and also logging the links clicked on those next pages...? This is actually difficult to write! haha I hope you got that. Hmmm... My domain,'D-A'; link 'L-A' clicked and logged. 'L-A', going to new domain, 'D-B'; link clicked there (L-B) and logged. 'L-B' going to 'D-C' (or somewhere else within 'D-B') and link 'L-C' clicked and logged. So on, so on...and make it stop! hahaha

    Second one: (I saw something like this a loooong time ago and now can't find it anywhere. Hundreds of keywords at google, but no luck.) From a link directory, when clicking a link, a little banner-like thing would follow in the browser, in which you could quickly vote on the page you're on. Know what I mean? And what would be amazing is: It continues to follow, so visitors could add whatever site they're at to the directory.... I'm just starting a link directory and looking into complicated fun stuff now. That voting thing would be very useful I've been sketching out different functions to perhaps add to it (once found) and for a programmer to have at it. Also, curious: If this browser-following script could actually serve to make 'script one' possible... ? Feeling some connection there, but...I need to stop before my brain catches on fire haha hi

    You guys are great. Many thanks.
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    a banner that's following the user to any website -- not only the ones in the directory -- is malware (unless the user specifically installed a browser plugin).

    What you have to understand is that HTTP is a stateless protocol. There is no persistent connection, just a sequence of independent requests and responses. So you cannot pop up a banner and keep it there while the user browses from page to page. Either every single page has to pop up its own banner, or you need a browser plugin.

    The same goes for the links. But this is rather useless, anyway, because the webserver already logs all requests (with the "referrer" telling you if he's coming from a link).
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    This has to be a browser plugin, and it sounds pretty nefarious.
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