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    I知 having trouble with the line that starts with $dept_name. $dept_name seems to be getting the array index, instead of the value that is in the department_name table. If I type the sql command into the command line the result is correct. I知 trying to get a name, like Accounting, not a number, as I知 getting now. When I just do this: print $row["dept_id"];
    I get the correct numerical value.

    I had this:

    $result = mysql_query ("SELECT * FROM jobs");

    print ("<table>");
    if ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
    do {
    print ("<tr><td bgcolor=#cccccc>");
    print $row["position_name"];
    print ("</td><td>");
    print ("<b>");
    print $row["dept_id"];
    print ("</b>");
    $dept_name = mysql_query ("SELECT department_name FROM dept_info WHERE dept_id = '$row["dept_id"]'");
    print $dept_name;
    print ("</td></tr>"); }
    while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)); }
    else {print "Sorry, no records were found!";}

    print ("</table>");
    $result = mysql_query ("SELECT * FROM jobs");

    Someone suggested to change the line to:

    $selectquery = "SELECT department_name FROM dept_info WHERE dept_id = " . $row["dept_id"];
    $dept_name = mysql_query($selectquery);

    But I知 still getting the numeric array index.

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    Read the manual... that's what you are supposed to get. mysql_query returns a result index that you use to in the various mysql_fetch functions to get the results.

    I really don't understand why this is a problem since you did the query from the jobs table correctly.. fetching the result into the array $row.

    Try this:

    list($dept_name)=mysql_fetch_row(mysql_query("select department_name from dept_info where dept_id = '$row[dept_id]'"));

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