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    Objects & html structure

    I'm new to OOP and want to make sure I'm writing cleanly. I have several classes, each for a particular piece of my application. Should I leave HTML inside these methods or should I just be call various methods within a PHP/HTML page to display the data.

    The problem I'm running into is that my methods are starting to get pretty sloppy with a mix of method calls and echoed HTML.

    Say for instance I have a class to display projects and another to display comments. Should I just create an HTML template for each class and then include those template pages?

    What's the best structure to do this?
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    As far as I'm concerned you should always separate the PHP and HTML (where-ever possible). You've seen that it gets messy trying to output HTML inside your classes, and it only gets worse as things get more complex.
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    you should use a dedicated template engine like Twig or Smarty.

    Mixing PHP and HTML (and SQL and JavaScript and CSS and whatnot) does not only create a mess. It also couples the visual presentation with the application logic, so whenever you wanna make a small change in the GUI, you have to fumble with the application code. This wastes time, makes things unnecessarily complicated and always comes with the risk of breaking something -- pretty much the last thing you want.

    Unfortunately, PHP is more or less based on the idea of writing multilingual spaghetti code, so you need a lot of discipline and good libraries to untangle the languages again. But it's possible.
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    The MVC design pattern in particular keeps your "view" code (HTML) completely separate from your "model" and "controller" code. There are a number of ways to separate your PHP code from your view code. In increasing order of "correctness" (#1 is most correct):

    1) Separate languages. You can use javascript, XSLT, or a specialized templating language like twig to print the HTML. This forces you to prepare the data beforehand in the logical portion of the code.

    2) Separate PHP output files. Use PHP for its intended purpose: formatting web pages. But don't mix that inside the logical/backend PHP code. Make the PHP template file work on arrays, objects, etc. Make a code review rule (or a personal one) so that no business logic or excessive formatting makes it into the template code. While this is the most powerful solution, it's also the most tempting to take shortcuts.

    3) Special outputting functions. You can make it a rule that each PHP function has a corresponding "output" function, separating your logical functions from the corresponding output function, so you can change the logic without worrying about changing the output, and vice versa. This is the sloppiest and laziest of the methods, and will make your code hard to maintain.
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