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    I'm so dumb, omg I feel so stupid. I just deleted my mysql.sock by accident. Help! what do I do? Can I generate another one? Do I have to reinstall mySQL? If so how do I backup my current database!?!? I didn't backup my system and I was playing around as root oops aahh god why me.
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    If you have something like PHPmyAdmin you could easily backup your mysql database, assuming that removing the sock didn't physically kill mysql.

    Of course, if you're on windows, all your database data is stored in a "data" folder inside the mysql directory.. in affect, you wouldn't loose that data, so long as you haven't deleted those files.

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    whether you're on unix or windows, the database information are just files on your system. copy those files someplace else, reinstal mysql, then copy the files back. i think that will work.

    or, see if you can get mysqldump to work, and dump each database into a text file, then reinstall.

    mysqldump -uuser -p database_name > database.txt

    hope that helps...

    ---John Holmes...

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