Hi - has anybody else got a problem with Netscape and Omnihttpd 2.06?

In NS half of the images do not appear- unless you right click - view the image and then return to the page! - the last version of Omni had no such problems, this affects NS6,NS4.7/.73.

I have tried to contact Omni but they have not bothered to aknowledge my e-mails - dissapointing as I often recommend their product to people such as myself who do not want the hassle of server configuration. (ok I could never get Apache to work!!!)

IE works fine, the same NS pages work fine under Apache (on my host) just not on my machine.

Also I have to reconfigure my proxy settings if I want to work from localhost - NS now ignores the 'do not use proxy settings for address's beginning with...' setting.

Anybody else got this problem - or better still have a solution?


Simon Wheeler