Hi Guys

Hope your all well.

On my wordpress blog, ive got installed a tab plugin where i have 5 tabs. Ive set up another plugin within one of the tabs (the third tab along) and all is working fine apart from the page navigation for that plugin. If i click NEXT to see more results, the page reloads but tab one is automatically displayed rather than the tab i used the navigation in (hope that makes sense).

The tabs use #tab1, #tab2, etc etc

Below is the php code for the plugin in question, ive tried adding #tab3 to the link but its not working. Do you guys have any suggestions please. Leanne x
PHP Code:
          if ($page + ($adjacents 3)) {
                    for (
$counter 1$counter + ($adjacents 2); $counter++) {
                        if (
$counter == $page) {
$pagination .= "<span class=\"current\">$counter</span>";
                        } else {
$newurl      $url->toString();
$pagination .= "<a rel=\"nofollow\" href=\"$newurl#tab3\">$counter</a>";