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    Is it possible to send form field values to two pages simultaniously. If so how?
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    Not directly, but you could make your form submit to a page which then targets a second page. There are several ways to do it, some of which would use Javascript, but the easiest way would be to process your first formhandler in PHP, and then output a header which calls the second URL, with your variables appended.

    // this is the first formhandler page

    [do operations]$first_variable
    [do operations]$second_variable

    header ("Location: second_form_handler.php?third_variable=foo&fourth_variable=foo1");

    exit; //you should do this to make sure no other data is sent after the header

    If your variables are too complex to append to the URL easily, you should consider rawurlencoding, or...

    In your first formhandler, echo your remaining variables into hidden form fields to target the second formhandler, and use Javascript to do a <body onLoad="document.form.submit()"> action to submit your remaining data to the second page.

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